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Certified Internal Auditor Blog


Policy Updates for Retaking the CIA Exams

How to Adjust to the Policy Updates for Retaking the CIA Exams The IIA has made important updates to the policies regarding retaking your CIA exams,...

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How to Pass the CIA Exam

Taking the CIA exam is no small task. As an ambitious professional embarking on this journey, you must prepare yourself for what lies ahead. If you kn...

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First CIA Exam Experience

First Hand Exam Day Experience, Lesson Learned, Next Getting ready I took my part 1 CIA exam back in 2016, but to this day I still remember that day...

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The Accounting Section of the CIA Exam

Photo creditt:katemangostar The accounting section of the CIA exam, what you need to know to pass the exam Level of Knowledge According to the IIA&...

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How to Pass the Big Part 3 Exam

How to Pass the Big Part 3 CIA Exam While passing part 1 and 2 mainly requires understanding concepts related to internal audit, governance, risk and...

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What is Internal Auditing

What is Internal Auditing? The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) defines internal auditing as “Internal auditing is an independent, objectiv...

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