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Audit Awareness
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Guaranteed Exam Success

We’ve spent years creating comprehensive exam preparation materials for ambitious professionals eager to upskill their credentials. Our partnerships with internationally renowned experts, adaptable study technology that puts the user experience at the forefront, and highly sought-after exam study content has been the result of our unwavering dedication to our customers’ success.

Our Dedication to Your Success


Technology Matters

We know that flexibility and technology are crucial to your CIA & CMA study prep. At PRC, we offer the latest in adaptive technology to keep you connected and deliver the highest calibre learning experience.



Our clients benefit from expert advice and support while they prepare for the CIA & CMA exam. Supported by our knowledgeable developers and study tools, our customers gain confidence and assurance, increasing their opportunity for success on exam day.



Our unwavering commitment to our customer’s success has driven us to provide efficient, effective, value-added professional education programs. We’ve created programs that are designed to be enjoyed whenever and wherever you need them.



Our passion to help ambitious professionals succeed has led us to create partnerships and service more than 30 locations worldwide. From North America to Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, we bridge learning gaps individually and at the corporate level.

Customer Appreciation

Read about what some of our customers think about their PRC experience!

About PRC

From the beginning – way back in 1999 – we’ve been driven to help our customers succeed in their pursuit of advancing their professional development

We’ve grown quite a bit from those humble beginnings to offering our services worldwide, and with partnerships that span the globe.



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