Policy Updates for Retaking the CIA Exams

How to Adjust to the Policy Updates for Retaking the CIA Exams

The IIA has made important updates to the policies regarding retaking your CIA exams, which have taken effect as of July 1, 2022.

What are the changes?

With the new changes, applicants now have a maximum of eight exam attempts permitted for each exam part within the program’s eligibility period of 3 years. Previously, there was no maximum to the number of attempts that could be made.

The waiting period between unsuccessful exam attempts has also been changed and has been reduced from 60 days to 30.

How does this affect me?

Powers Resources has helpful advice regarding the different exam parts to help you manage these changes.

Parts One and Two

If you fail exam parts one or two, our previous advice was to prepare for the other part and sit for its exam during the 60-day waiting period. Now, our advice is as follows:

  • While it might be tempting to sit for the same exam exactly 30 days after your previous attempt, we recommend that you instead set a realistic date for retaking the exam based on your schedule and study style. Rushing to pass may not create optimal results.
  • If you believe you did not pass because you were not well prepared (i.e., your exam grade was below 500), our advice is to consider attempting the other part that you haven’t completed (this does not include the third exam part). Only once you pass this part do we recommend going back to prepare for the exam you failed.
  • If you believe that you were very close to passing (i.e., your exam grade was above 500) and that you can pass the exam with some extra practice and better time management, we have other suggestions. Take a week off, then review the same part and solve as many questions as you can. Once you feel confident that you will pass, sit for the same exam again. While studying, focus on the topics that you found difficult during your previous attempt.

Part Three

Our advice was to not attempt part three until you have passed the first two parts; that recommendation does not change. Part three requires a different approach and a longer preparation time, and this policy change does not affect that.


Failing an exam part can be an upsetting experience but does not mean that you should lose hope. Try to learn some lessons from your experience; objectively figure out why you did not pass and try to avoid the same situation in your next attempt. 

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