Top 3 Benefits of Achieving a CIA Designation

Top 3 Benefits of Achieving a CIA Designation

Held in high regard, CIA-certified auditors are respected and sought after by companies around the world. CIA professionals have a wealth of transferable skills and knowledge which can be applied to roles other than auditing, guaranteeing a long-term career after qualification.

If you're thinking of gaining your CIA certification or already have it, this guide to the top benefits of achieving your designation will help you understand what benefits it holds for your future.

Higher Salary

One of the most appealing benefits of achieving your CIA certification is having a higher salary. According to, the average salary for a certified internal auditor is $90,000 USD, versus an uncertified auditor who makes an average of $61,000 USD per year.

This experience is not only in the US but around the world. Universally, CIA-certified auditors receive higher pay than their uncertified peers.

Having this certification also opens you up to growth as you continue your career, with combined experience and knowledge opening you to positions like internal audit manager or internal audit director. Having your certification gives you a leg up against your competitors for these roles and working in these positions will also increase your salary.

Job Security and Opportunities

No matter where you are in your auditing career, having a CIA certificate allows you to take on quality titles: auditing specialist, compliance auditor, quality assurance manager, lead internal auditor, risk assessment specialist – all of these are possible from an entry-level position.

As you grow in your career, your certification will open you to faster growth than your noncertified peers. For those who want to grow and take on more responsibility, the CIA is the key to jumping in.

The financial industry is also seeing a higher demand for internal auditors, with a projected increase of 10% of internal auditor hires through 2026. CIA-certified individuals can easily show they are the best in the business and show employers they are educated and informed enough to take on these in-demand roles with their certification.

The global regulatory market is also changing, with a shift from financial auditing to risk-based auditing. With this change, companies are seeing the value of internal auditors to help protect them.

Since they recognize this need, the demand for internal auditors is high, with an increased demand still for CIA-certified professionals. A CIA certification shows businesses that you understand risk management, corporate governance, and more, allowing a company to comfortably choose you to join their team. 

Global Recognition

The added benefit of a CIA designation is that it is a universally recognized certification. These certifications make you more sought after and in higher demand than uncertified auditors. The CIA is the only globally-recognized internal auditing certification, and obtaining it allows you to show businesses around the world that you are educated, informed, and competent.

The CIA certification allows you to apply for jobs internationally without worrying about different educational perspectives. All countries recognize the CIA as the most important designation for an internal auditor, so you will be able to find a job in any country of your choosing.

As time goes by, your CIA certification will become more and more valuable. Employers and clients will recognize you as part of an elite group of auditors with a wealth of skills and knowledge. A CIA certification is an investment in your future and one that is well worth the effort required to get there.

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