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CIA Review Course
100% dedicated support
3000+ CIA exam questions
 15 years of experience
PowersUp CIA Review Course
Learn your way
For the on-the-go candidate with a changing schedule, our CIA review course is the way to learn and master the CIA exam. Through a dynamic, interactive experience, you’ll have the freedom to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, anywhere, at any time. Our integrated CIA learning package delivers the right tools needed to be on top of the CIA syllabus and expose that mastery by passing the CIA exam. Ready to become certified?
Rich Content
PowersUp MCQs
With PRC Model CIA Exam Questions you have access to over 3,000 multiple-choice questions that help you effectively assess yourself, practice CIA exam-like questions, and prepare efficiently to pass the CIA exam. CIA Questions have been carefully designed by our content experts who combine their knowledge, experience and CIA exam literacy to pool up the most relevant topics in question sets dissected according to the CIA content exam weighting.
Interactive Tutorials
Tips and Hints
Our tutorials give you detailed explanation and instruction on the CIA questions’ answers in addition to concepts and techniques necessary to answer each CIA question. We pride ourselves with a CIA learning system that equips students with all necessary tools to successfully face up with any trick question they confront during the CIA exam. Thanks to our descriptive tutorials, there are no questions classified as “trick questions”. There are just questions with different answering approaches, and those approaches are explicitly depicted through our CIA explanatory tutorials.
Assessment Tools
Tests and Exams
There’s no such thing as being “over-prepared”! CIA Practice exams let you test and prepare yourself for the Mock exam. Don’t forget practice is the key of success. The PowersUp Mock Exam is as close to the actual CIA® exam in content and difficulty. It is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the pressure of exam day and become a Pro. Carefully designed and structured to suit your custom preparatory style, the mock exams will mimic the actual exam experience and position your standpoint vis-à-vis the CIA curriculum and overall exam content.
Performance Metrics
Practice and Evaluate
Description: Take exams per section, per domain or per part and track your performance through thorough reporting tools and areas of improvement summaries. Review wrong answers, re-take wrongly answered questions, measure time allotment per question, evaluate success factors and get on top of your exam preparation through drill down coverage of specific and overall performance metrics of your PowersUp CIA Exam review.
Expert Guidance
Ask our Experts
Full access to our CIA curriculum experts including experts email access, FAQ sections and Study Tips by CIA experts. Access to the PRC Success Key package that includes the PRC handy book encompassing: a. A summarized explanation of the major parts of the CIA curriculum by PRC’s team of expert authors. b. Essential exam strategies that guide candidates on how to pass the exam: i. Tips and tricks on how to understand the exam questions and apply the right knowledge ii. Considerationsand tactics on the week before the exam iii. Time management hints on the exam day
We speak your language
Our highly trained faculty experts have managed to master the CIA curriculum and expose it for you in the language you speak. English, Japanese, Arabic and soon Spanish, PRC is yet again to prove that language is not a boundary for us. We speak your language and deliver it your way!
Success Guarantee
Our Promise, Your Success
If you utilize PRC but do not pass the CIA Exam, you may repeat our course tuition-free if you satisfy our requirements. If you complete all PowersUp homework with 90% accuracy and attend (or view) 100% of lectures, you may repeat our complete course, paying only for enrollment fees (including applicable taxes). Tuition is waived accordingly

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Part 2 – The Internal Audit Practice
175.00 USD
1 Study Guides
1 Mock Exam
1 Practice Test
Up to 750 MCQs
Faculty Support
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Part 1 – The Internal Audit Basics
175.00 USD
1 Study Guides
1 Mock Exam
1 Practice Test
Up to 550 MCQs
Faculty Support
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Part 3 – The Internal Audit Knowledge
175.00 USD
1 Study Guides
1 Mock Exam
1 Practice Test
Up to 1750 MCQs
Faculty Support
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Certified Internal Auditor – Full Parts
495.00 USD
1 Study Guides
1 Mock Exam
1 Practice Test
Faculty Support
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PowersUp© – empower your career

We offer a comprehensive, integrated review course that will replicate the CIA exam from all aspects and provide you with the necessary tools to master the curriculum and pass the Exam. Our material and expert support accompany you through every step of your study roadmap and allow you to progress efficiently and effectively, maximizing your study time and disposing the instruments you need to clear the examination:

Study Guides: 3-parts PRC Study Guides cover every required Learning Outcome for the exam, with clear explanations, detailed examples, and summaries. The manuals cover the material depth as necessary for the exam, based on our experts’ opinion.
PowersUp© Software: multiple-choice factual and task-based questions, practice tests, and Mock exams expertly dissected according to actual exam topics weights.
Faculty Access: Full access to our CIA curriculum experts by email to answer any content or exam related queries.